My philosophy as a dog trainer is that there is no cookie cutter way of training each dog. Your dog is as unique as you are.  Methods that work beautifully with one dog may not work at all with yours. I feel that it is my job to look at every animal as a unique being, and every situation as a unique situation. From working as an apprentice under three very different dog trainers, I have a variety of tools that will work for your individual dog. I am certified by K9 Companions located in Northern San Diego, a very reputable school where I did 240 hours of hands on classes, working with over 100 dogs of different breeds. I have also done hours of volunteer work at rescue organizations, allowing me to work with the dogs, learning how to rehabilitate and problem solve with many different types of dogs. I use all of this experience to help my clients. But, I believe it is my willingness to be creative and willingness to let an animal teach me something new everyday that sets me apart from others. All of the hard time that I have put in working under others and going to a reputable school has given me a solid foundation that I use to asses and train your pet. Your pet will be in good hands as I find a way to solve your problem behaviors or just improve on your pet's current skills. Currently I am offering a low cost in home visit in the San Diego region to assess your pet and your training needs. Please contact me to set up an appointment you can also look for my ads on Craigslist or even find us on Facebook.

Cara is the most amazing dog trainer. We searched for a creditable dog trainer in San Diego and we came across her website DOGBUSTERSSANDIEGO.COM, She helped my wife & I with our 1 year old German Shepherd ( Charlie ).Charlie had no manners when we would take him out for walks in areas where we would encounter other dogs.. He would bark & lunge at other dogs in a very aggressive and enraged manner. He was an uncontrollable mess. It was both embarrassing and frustrating for us to have to walk him. We lived with the fear of Charlie hurting another dog someday. We would avoid areas with other dogs, and prior to Cara helping us our walks would end with me being frustrated and on edge because of his behavior and I can visibly see that Charlie was stressed out.

After ONLY ONE LESSON Cara taught us simple techniques on how to correct our dog before he would get to that enraged stage. The following day my wife & I took Charlie for a walk to a place with lots of dogs to test our new tools and by God It Worked! It was like having a new dog. We enjoyed spending time on the trail with Charlie and his new found manners so much that we extended our walk from 3 miles to 5 miles.. Cara taught us that avoiding other dogs just pacified the problem. We are so grateful for Cara & her help. We highly recommend to let her help you with any dog issues you have. If she was able to help Charlie she can anyone! We feel that if you're looking for a great dog trainer in San Diego County you should give her a call.

Tony & Lily D.
Bonita, California

Cara helped me with my Chihuahua mix rescue dog. She had very few manners and was not potty trained. She was also aggressive with my other dog. We had her on trial and of course the kids loved her so we had to keep her even with her bad habits. Luckily we found Cara and she helped us get right on top of the potty training problem. She also helped socialize her so that she could be around other dogs. Now we can take her to the dog park without any problems. I would recommend Cara to anyone. Thanks Cara!
Traci H.
Encinitas, California
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It is an accepted fact that a dog is a mans best friend. By the same token an untrained dog can be a mans nightmare. There are many reasons why a dog should be trained. A misbehaving dog can put a strain on the owners relationship with the animal. Instead of the time spent together being a happy period, it can be very stressful for both the human and animal.This is more so if young children are involved and their safety is compromised. 

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