My main focus now is dog behavior modification and dog rehabilitation. I focus on understanding why a particular behavior developed, by talking with the clients, and getting a full history of the dog. I then observe the dog in its environment, or where the behavior manifests, and  the interaction between the owners and the dog. Once I get an understanding of why the unwanted behavior developed, and continues, I then put the owners on a course of action to modify their dogs behavior. The course of action suggested to clients is never limited to just obedience training.

I have been working with dogs professionally for over 10 years. During this time my views and beliefs on dog behavior and training have changed immensely. The more I have worked with dogs over the past 10 years the more I have come to realize that there is so much more to dog behavior than Obedience training and dominance.

The most important thing we can learn about our dogs, is being able to read body language correctly, and therefore understanding their current state of mind. I have found that 'most' behavior problems develop due to owners inadvertently rewarding or reinforcing attention seeking behavior, assertive behavior and unknowingly creating anxiety in their dogs.

When people understand their dogs and can learn to communicate with them better, then we can work on developing the right relationship, and maintaining a well balanced dog, and owner and dog relationship.

I have dedicated my working life to professional dog training and behavior. My love of dogs and dog training is second to none...


Edinburg Ave.
Cardiff By The Sea, CA.
PH: 760-978-5513

We had two unmanageable 8 year old dogs before we met Cara. They would bark and jump when people came over, lunge at other dogs at the vet’s office and drag us wherever they pleased when we took them for walks. Finally, we’d had enough. I found Cara online and set up a meeting not knowing if it was too late for our boys to learn obedience. When she came by, she could tell right away who was in charge and it wasn’t us. She told us we didn’t have bad dogs, we’d just never asked them to do anything. She explained the dogs needed training and so did we. With her guidance we established a new hierarchy where we are in charge. Both dogs have learned their commands and behave so much differently. One of the first things Cara asked us to teach them was to sit automatically when we stopped walking. I was skeptical they could learn to do that but they learned in within the first week. Our entire household is calmer and the dogs seem more relaxed. We take them out more often and are no longer afraid of how they will react when we encounter other dogs. Cara has given us the tools to be confident and more responsible dog owners. Most importantly, she has helped us enjoy our dogs even more. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Cara is the real deal. I would recommend her to anyone needing help training their dog.

Andrea Chinn-Parillo, Vista, CA

Thanks, Cara for the loving care you have provided for our "Jack Pack"! You are certainly dog's best friend when it comes to Annie, Wylie and Alie - they are so excited to greet you each time you visit! You have taken care of everything for us from overnight stays to doggie in-home day care and from meds for our senior Annie to puppy training and home cooked meals for all. Wylie is even more fun to be around now that he has learned some manners and Alie is getting a great start now that we have learned from you how to communicate what behavior we want from our dogs. We really appreciate your skills, initiative, communication, and dependability!

Marnie and Alex Wernberg

Cara is a knowledgeable, calm, gentle, and caring dog trainer. She helped us with our 5 year old Cairn Terrier who was very hyper and difficult to walk on a leash. In just 1 session Cara taught us easy techniques to better communicate with our dog and get her behavior under control. We can now relax and enjoy taking her to the beach for walks :)

Erika - Carlsbad, CA.

Cara is the most amazing dog trainer. We searched for a creditable dog trainer in San Diego and we came across her website DOGBUSTERS.CO. She helped my wife & I with our 1 year old German Shepherd ( Charlie ).Charlie had no manners when we would take him out for walks in areas where we would encounter other dogs.. He would bark & lunge at other dogs in a very aggressive and enraged manner. He was an uncontrollable mess. It was both embarrassing and frustrating for us to have to walk him. We lived with the fear of Charlie hurting another dog someday. We would avoid areas with other dogs, and prior to Cara helping us our walks would end with me being frustrated and on edge because of his behavior and I can visibly see that Charlie was stressed out.

After ONLY ONE LESSON Cara taught us simple techniques on how to correct our dog before he would get to that enraged stage. The following day my wife & I took Charlie for a walk to a place with lots of dogs to test our new tools and by God It Worked! It was like having a new dog. We enjoyed spending time on the trail with Charlie and his new found manners so much that we extended our walk from 3 miles to 5 miles.. Cara taught us that avoiding other dogs just pacified the problem. We are so grateful for Cara & her help. We highly recommend to let her help you with any dog issues you have. If she was able to help Charlie she can anyone! We feel that if you're looking for a great dog trainer in San Diego County you should give her a call.

Tony & Lily D. - Bonita, California