At Dog Busters, just pet sitting is always available. However, I specialize in pet sitting and training combined. While you are out of town I will stay with your pet to let your pet out regularly and stay overnight. I will care for your pet in the way that you do. I will work with your dog every day in hour long training sessions to lay down a training foundation that will work for you and your dog. When you come home, I will give you a lesson on how to continue to work with your dog and achieve your desired results. For best results, it is recommended that the client is away for a minimum of one week. 

Pet sitting and brush up training sessions are also available to existing training clients. Each day there will be a session to work on the skills that your pet has learned in our individual training sessions.

Also available, pet sitting only.  You can rest assured that while you are on vacation, your pet will be loved, taken care of, and spoiled just as if you were there yourself.

Please book in advance for holidays and other special occasions as these are my busiest times.