Tame My Dog: A Guide To A Better Relationship With Your Dog

A book that will guide you through choosing and adopting the right dog for you and your family. all of the basic obedience necessary for the best possible long-term relationship you can have with your dog. I will be revealing some dog training tricks and secrets that I have learned that you will definitely want to try in your home.
This book also goes over detailed instructions to achieve success with issues like potty training, leash manners, in home manners, separation anxiety, aggression, pack structure, how to deal with a dominant dog, as well as basic obedience commands like sit, down, come, stay. I will be teaching you brand-new ways to communicate with your dog like never before. You are in a long term relationship with your dog,
Why not make it the most rewarding Bond possible. you also won't want to miss out on taking the relationship quiz inside the book to see just where you stand with your dog.

Available on Kindle & in Paperback!