Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification defined: The alteration of behavioral patterns through the use of learning techniques such as positive & negative reinforcement.

Even if your dog has big issues like aggression, fear and anxiety, separation anxiety etc. there is hope in our Behavior Modification training methods. We humanely quite you and your dog into a better direction.

Many behavior problems start small and grow over time and you end up headed in the wrong direction when it comes to the relationship you have with your dog. We will give you some new tools and confidence in what you’re doing. Some doggy psychology exercises to put to use in your home that will make you the leader of your pack.

Last but not least we will do a little temperament testing to find out how smart, dominant, happy go lucky, food motivated etc. your four-legged friend is. This whole program is designed to make big changes in the long term relationship you have with your dog.